WWI Epitaph

  • If any question why we died,
    Tell them, 'Because our fathers lied.'
    — Rudyard Kipling
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Thanks for your personal memories, Evan. I'm sure the press is trumpeting Gygax as "the father of D&D" ignoring Arneson. However it all worked out, I am grateful for the end result (as I go play a console-based RPG).

I had forgotten Chainmail -- never played it but the guy who got us into D&D had a copy.

dave c.

Wow... I'm behind the times on this, but nice to see a personal perspective.

I saw him speak once and failed to bring my player's manual, so instead I have an autographed pieced of looseleaf paper stuck in the front of said player's manual.

Hard to believe that the D&D franchise was consumed by the company that made Magic the Gathering. It's like... uh... Michael Jackson selling all the Beatles songs to Michael Bolton.

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